Asian Recipes – Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) Creation

Everyone knows fried rice. This typical Asian food is already famous in worldwide and become more popular in times.

In Asia, there are variants of fried rice that particularly attach with each country. For some countries or region have their identical fried rice, relating on the ingredients and in the name of innovation.

Basically, the main ingredient in for making fried rice is rice, vegetables, egg and mild spices like garlic, chili, sweet soy sauce and salt. When it turns into modification, that simple recipe can be very broad and unlimited.

Therefore, Asian Recipes: Fried Rice Cooking Creations, is a collection of 50 recipes of fried rice that we can easily make for family’s-anytime-menu. In this collection, we can found some cooking creation of fried rice, from the very easy one to the spiciest one.

All of the recipes have been tested before. Moreover, the ingredients are also easy to find and friendly for those who are new beginner, because it completed with cooking result pictures on every recipes. This application is also can be shared by email or social network easily and available for iPad and iPhone. By these fried rice cooking creation, you do not need to be worry to cook and to make some new taste of fried rice.


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