Asian Recipes – 30 Egg Creations

What’s for breakfast this morning, an omelet, sunny side up or scramble egg?

Have you ever think that there are bunch of dishes that can be made by using egg ingredient, out of those three popular egg dishes?

We are agreeing that egg is an easy ingredient that can be found easily. Hence, we can make some cooking creations by using this all-the-time ingredient become more special.

Asian culinary is rich in flavor and it has unique taste that combined by the unique spices and particular ingredients. Asian egg culinary is one of Asian richnesses that worth to try.

Out of making regular omelet, why don’t we try to make Fu Yung Hai or Egg Foo Yung. This recipe is inspired by Chine cuisine and it has delicious mix flavor between savory and sweet at the same time, and it completed by thick vegetable sauce on it. In addition to make a simple sunny side up, we can improve it by using Asian flavor like using ‘sambal’ a la Malaysian or Indonesian cuisine. It tastes spicy and rich in flavor.

By those inspirations of taste, we can improve this egg ingredient become more tasty and acknowledge the flavors of Asia. Therefore, is proudly present this Asian egg culinary into an application book recipe that can guide those who need inspiration to make some new dishes based on egg.

Asian Recipe: 30 Egg Creations
is an application for iPad and iPhone, and it has 30 valuable egg recipes that can practically easy to be made. These recipes are also completed by high resolution pictures on every each detail recipe, and it can be easily shared by email or social network.

This is the time to make improvement to your egg creation dishes. By downloading Asian Recipe: 30 Egg Creations, serve a plate of Asian taste to your beloved family.

Download now on Apps Store here!!!


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