Majapahit An Ancient Kingdom Heritage

Majapahit, was a living legend, an archipelagic empire in times. Majapahit Empire exists in Java Island from 1293 to 1500s. This Empire was stood on its glory during the era of Hayam Wuruk reign, which was started from 1350 to 1389 that signed by his conquest extended through Southeast Asia.

By his achievements the name of the Empire became more famous; this achievement is also credited to Hayam Wuruk’s Prime Minister, Gajah Mada. He became the other living legend that famous and prestigious in Java land. According to the source of Nagarakertagama encrypt, it written that in 1365, Majapahit was colonizing 98 tributaries; stretching from Sumatra to New Guinea, which now consists of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thailand, Philippines and East Timor.

By those legendary of ancient times, it also ascertained that there will be thousand heritages that took from the ruin of Majapahit. One of those ancient remaining is located in Trowulan.

Trowulan is one of sub-districts in Mojokerto regency, East Java. Trowulan is surrounded by some archaeological sites that covering around 100 square Kilometers. There were so many researchers conducted regarding Trowulan’s ancient heritages which all concentrated on monumental remains like, temples, tombs, and bathing places. Fortunately, those researches are widely spread about remain industrial, commercial and religious activity, habitation areas and water supply systems. All of which were the evidences of dense population during the 14th to 15th centuries.

by those founding, The Ministry of Cultures and Tourism of Indonesia had already submitted Trowulan as UNESCO World Heritage in October 2009. Today’s archeological that already become the brand new tourism objects in Trowulan are; short of, about the temples, the pool and tomb. There are famous temples like Candi Tikus, Candi Brahu, Candi Menak Jingga and Segaran pool that sometime being visited by tourists.

By those heritages, is once again launched the brand new application called Majapahit Heritages, which shows about the tourism objects from Majapahit era. These objects are mostly located in Trowulan, but there are some of the objects located in other area, but still related to the Majapahit reign.

This application is completed by high resolution pictures, map, and complete description about the tourism objects. Moreover, this application can be downloaded FREEly for those who have iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


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